Peter McDonald

Fleet Director
Nissan GB
peter mcdonald
April 22, 2021
 - 13:30 BST (UTC +01:00)
Panel Discussion

An overview of OEM’s role in the electrification of fleets, with representatives from the large car manufacturers this will be a chance to hear their views on how they see fleets being transformed in the run up to 2030.

  • Addressing availability of vehicles; what new models are planned for the next year and how are OEMs planning to meet increased demand?
  • Discussion on hybrids – what is their value in the light of the 2030 deadline?
  • To what extent are OEM plans constricted by utilities and the lack of grid capacity; will this result in consumers dissatisfaction and going back to ICE vehicles?
  • Discussing the responsibility of OEMs to make batteries easier to convert to storage and recycle to create a circular economy
  • Understanding European standards post Brexit for technologies such as V2G. With no European standard yet, how relevant are other standards such as CHAdeMO, will it be replaced by CCS, and what role will OEMs play?