Joseph Cosier

Policy Manager
Energy UK
jospeh cosier
April 20, 2021
 - 10:25 BST (UTC +01:00)
Panel Discussion

With £1.3 billion announced by the government to accelerate the rollout of charge points for in homes, workplaces, streets and on motorways across England we look at the challenges for EV infrastructure leading up to the 2030 phase out date of ICE vehicles

  • Discussing potential ways to distribute £1.3 billion funding, and how businesses and local authorities can make the case to receive support.
  • With tighter budgets post COVID-19, are the commitments enough? And how will the rollout of charge points be affected?
  • Analysing whether there will there be a need for the phase out date, or whether price parity might push out ICE vehicles before 2030?
  • Achieving a nationwide charging strategy to avoid monopolies of price and protect consumers