Hannah Budnitz

Research Associate in Urban Mobility
Oxford University

Hannah Budnitz is a Research Associate in Urban Mobility at the Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford, where she is working on the Park and Charge project, funded by Innovate UK. This is her first postdoctoral position, but she has a background in transport policy and planning, working in both the private and public sectors. Her areas of interest include transport’s role in tackling climate change, how shared and virtual transport options influence the flexibility of activity patterns, the potential of data and technology to deliver innovative transport solutions through public-private-academic partnerships, and the basic interactions between land use and accessibility, sustainability and resilience.

April 20, 2021
 - 16:10 BST (UTC +01:00)
Panel Discussion

So far, the EV revolution has relied on ‘early -adopters’ willing to accept less than perfect charging experiences as EV owners. Here we will examine how the level of service needs to improve as the market grows and EVs become mainstream to ensure that public charging anxiety doesn’t put off buyers.

- Analysing what consumers want from the charging experience and understanding how chargers are being used

- The importance of developing comfortable charging locations, considering weather protection and innovative locations such as underground charging possible due to no emissions

- Developing national and international standards especially in terms of interoperability and security.

-  As government legislation looks to make contactless payments mandatory, how can chargers be retrofitted to roll this out as easily as possible?

- Building customer focused networks: putting chargers in areas such as rural towns where there is less commercial benefit but expands the network and uptake of EVs