Evie Trolove

Innovation Project Lead (LCTs)
UK Power Networks
Evie Trolove

Evie Trolove is the Innovation Project Lead at UK Power Networks, where she is responsible for delivering a portfolio of electric vehicle projects focusing on smart charging and Vehicle to Grid (V2G). She graduated from New Zealand’s University of Canterbury with an honours degree in Chemical and Process Engineering. After several years working in the energy industry for clients including Shell, she moved to the UK to fulfil her desire to contribute to environmentally beneficial projects. In her previous role as Engineering Programme Manager at trade body the Energy Networks Association, she lead a project modelling the impact of the electric vehicles and heat pumps on UK electricity network.

July 9, 2020
 - 15:00 BST (UTC +01:00)
Panel Discussion
  • Outlining the behaviour changes and infrastructure changes for consumers that present a barrier for the mass adoption of V2G
  • Proposing how to standardise costs and usage for customers across different DNOs, and the policies needed to achieve equality of usage
  • Examining the economic value of V2G to consumers, and the new markets that this service could open