Dan Hilson

dan hilson
April 22, 2021
 - 14:30 BST (UTC +01:00)
Panel Discussion

Bus electrification is a significant step in decarbonising Britain. However, with huge power and logistical demands, the depots to support these buses can be complex and challenging to install. In this session we will hear a case study of how a local authority planned and executed their public transport electrification strategy.

  • Managing power and charging on the grid; addressing the huge drain on resources and looking at solutions outside of cites where grids tend to be less constrained
  • How to replace those larger vehicles including buses now that that government has committed to 2030, and understanding if there is a cut-off point where you rely on battery before you switch to fuel cell?
  • Is there space for private investors to get involved and own the assets, whilst assisting Local Authorities to electrify?
  • Identifying transport models to determine where will be the hotspots for usage on the network
April 20, 2021
 - 10:25 BST (UTC +01:00)
Panel Discussion

With £1.3 billion announced by the government to accelerate the rollout of charge points for in homes, workplaces, streets and on motorways across England we look at the challenges for EV infrastructure leading up to the 2030 phase out date of ICE vehicles

  • Discussing potential ways to distribute £1.3 billion funding, and how businesses and local authorities can make the case to receive support.
  • With tighter budgets post COVID-19, are the commitments enough? And how will the rollout of charge points be affected?
  • Analysing whether there will there be a need for the phase out date, or whether price parity might push out ICE vehicles before 2030?
  • Achieving a nationwide charging strategy to avoid monopolies of price and protect consumers