Chris Barlow

Innovation Director
chris barlow
April 20, 2021
 - 11:25 BST (UTC +01:00)
Panel Discussion

As the Energy Whitepaper outlines the intention to bring forward regulations in 2021 to mandate that private EV charge points must be smart, we look at how data can help build a smart charging network that can identify charging needs based on location and speed demands.

  • Assessing the latest modelling techniques and frameworks, and how public sector can start to build their own to obtain the grid capacity information, land information, demand for existing chargers, EV ownership, and electrical supply.
  • Analysing data on which chargers are accessed most frequently, which payment methods are used, and charging time to maintain, update and expand a charging network
  • Building a smart grid to support charge points as the information from these points will inform planning and operation of electricity systems, and how this can help customers save money.
  • The applications of AI open data in understanding the behaviour of drivers better to inform the building and maintenance of charging networks