April 27, 2021
 - 09:25 BST (UTC+01:00)

Presentation: Making the Case for Private Businesses to Install Charge Points

As the uptake of EVs increases, consumer demand for places to charge will also increase, and organisations and landowners will have the opportunity to install their own points to attract customers and even generate revenue. However, with uptake by business slow thus far, we examine the benefits for businesses to develop their own charging network.

  • Why should small and mid-sized operators consider installing chargepoints? What is driving the need for EV charging and what are customers looking for?
  • What is the opportunity? Taking advantage of the incentives and grants available; opportunities for generating revenue; what are the benefits?
  • What do businesses need to consider? The tech explained; things to look out for; avoiding the pitfalls
  • How do private chargepoints fit into the overall charging infrastructure?; planning for the future


Global Director
CTEK Mobility