April 21, 2021
 - 11:15 BST (UTC+01:00)
Panel Discussion

Panel: Should EVs Participate in the Capacity Market?

With BEIS’ recent AR4 open call to stakeholders asking whether EVs should be able to participate in the capacity market to reduce the strain we have seen recently; we will discuss how EVs can contribute and whether capacity is growing fast enough to meet the growing demand of the EV market.

  • How time of use charging can offer a simple solution to offer balance when there is too much or too little power, and whether EVs should, and whether they are able to take up this role
  • How will Ofgem’s announced changes to network generator pricing affect tariffs?
  • Can V2G offer a long-term, scalable solution to capacity restrictions?
  • With the role out of renewable energy, will we have to change the way we charge EVs to ensure that the grid is not over strained? Will this mean we always need a smart charging system?
  • What are the energy suppliers planning to do to address future constraints on the grid?
Head of Research & Innovation
Becquerel Institute
Policy and Markets Director
Northern Powergrid
Transport Practice Manager
Energy Catapult
Head of I&C Development
ESP Utiltities Group