April 27, 2021
 - 12:00 BST (UTC+01:00)
Panel Discussion

Panel: Deploying Private Charging Networks to Help Reach Critical Mass

Despite Local Authorities’ attempts to provide charging for residents, mass adoption of EVs is likely to need the support of private charging infrastructure supplied by businesses to meet demand and hit ‘critical mass’. In this session we will look at how private businesses can play a key role in supporting EV charging.

  • How to build private businesses’ confidence in procuring and installing private charging networks
  • Looking at the limitations of public charging infrastructure and the usage data to support private charge points
  • Looking at low tech solutions to get businesses started with off the shelf charging solutions
  • Discussing the lack of government support for destination and private charge points opposed to workplace and home but not for your customers, and alternative ways businesses can finance charge points
Managing Partner
Gluon Capital
Senior Business Development Manager of EVBox UK & Ireland
Technical Manager
Caravan & Motorhome Club
EV & V2X Integration Manager
Active Building Centre